Forefoot Valgus (everted forefoot) Foot Type pearls...
  • I've seen a few forefoot valgus (everted forefoot) feet lately and wanted to share a few things that I've observed...thought this might be helpful since this is seen quite rarely in my experience. Remember that similar symptoms can be caused by plantar-flexed and rigid 1st rays.

    1. Very typically these patients demonstrate significant 5th MTP joint callousing along with 1st MTP callousing.
    2. Joint pain is common (due to the poor shock absorbing capability of the feet caused by the early lock-up of the mid-tarsal joints).
    3. Also common: fibular pain and lateral knee pain with irritation to the peroneal nerve distribution and the ITB.
    4. Chronic bilateral ankle sprains (often without any specific cause or incident) is quite common in these patients.

    Hope this is helpful. Please add your thoughts.


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