The Functional Foot

Yellowstone Seminars Presents…

“The Functional Foot”…
and Its Impact on the Lower Extremity

Dynamic. Interactive. Fun. Welcome to The Functional Foot, a continuing education resource for rehabilitation professionals who provide care for patients with lower extremity dysfunction. Our mission is to offer the best continuing education experience for your dollar in order to help you gain an innovative, biomechanically-based understanding of how the foot, ankle, knee and hip work together and affect one another in real life. Our goal is for you to take away practical knowledge and treatment interventions which will immediately benefit your patients.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, help you advance your knowledge, and expand your professional toolbox.

Dan & Chad



  • Functional Evaluation and Treatment Strategies for Lower Extremity Biomechanical Dysfunction
  • Using the Biomechanical Foot Orthotic as Part of Your Treatment Approach
  • Functional Therapeutic Exercise Interventions for Common Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot Problems
  • Fabrication Technique for Semi-custom, Off-Shelf Vasyli Foot Orthoses
  • How to Apply the Evidence to Care of the Lower Extremity
  • What You Need to Add Value to Your Practice and Elevate Care for Patients with Lower Extremity Dysfunction
  • Billing for Orthotic Intervention


  • "This course tought me the importance of incorporating the foot and ankle into treatment of all lower extremity issues. Improving foot and ankle biomechanics improves many other conditions up the kinematic chain. Learning how to make orthotics was very helpful as well as how to treat lower extremity issues."
  • “Chad and Dan created a great learning environment for all of us with confidence, intelligence and excellence. I learned more than I asked for. Thank you very much again.”
  • “Great instructors!  Good combination of a veteran clinician and a PhD researcher.”
  • “It was very helpful to have all of the hands on lab time during the course.  Dan & Chad provided great feedback during the labs.”
  • “Dan & Chad Thank You!  The course material was very helpful and will be used in the clinic on Monday.  My confidence in prescribing orthotics has increased significantly.”
  • “Great job with water, food and refreshments.  Great job on the instruction, teaching methods and information given! This is a very good course that I would definitely recommend to others.  Probably the best CEU I've taken. Thank you very much.”
  • “Excellent course!  Well supported by evidence.  Thanks guys!”
  • “Chad & Dan knew their material well and were very personable.  I feel I can go into the clinic & apply what I learned immediately & with great confidence after taking this course.”
  • "This course gave me a better understanding of the biomechanics of the lower extremities and the role they play in the overall function and movement of the body. The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand which was very helpful as the foot and ankle is a complex topic."
  • “I like your ideas for mobilization of the talus in weight bearing.  I took the course because you use affordable over the counter orthotics.  Thank you so much for adhering to schedules for breaks & lunch.  Timely lunch schedule allowed me to meet my husband for lunch (a nice break for a mentally intensive workshop).  Thanks for introducing humor  (cartoons, etc.) & keeping the tone relaxed.”
  • “This was a really great course!  So often courses review anatomy & mechanics but, don’t tie them in as to why they are important & why you need to look at these things.  This course left me understanding the bigger picture.”

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